TanMar Editorial offers editing and writing services

As the founder of TanMar Editorial, Marta Tanrikulu, my goal is to ensure my clients communicate effectively. Whether a writing project is packed with technical information or designed for pure entertainment, my expertise can help ensure it meets its purpose.

My analytical approach is honed by a science background and familiarity with the expectations of a wide range of readers. For 8 years, I served as the lead staff editor overseeing as many as 12 writers and editors in a marketing communications environment, in addition to having a primary role in web content management. With more than 17 years of professional experience refining a variety of content, including technical, educational, marketing, and creative writing, I also understand the needs of writers.

For complex or special projects, my network includes several fine editors and writers with complementary areas of expertise. These professionals either are independent contractors or own their own businesses. I oversee all work done on behalf of TanMar Editorial, ensuring respect for client guidelines and deadlines, an excellent eye for detail, and a commitment to the highest standards of quality.

For more information or for a quote tailored to your project, please contact TanMar Editorial. I’m also happy to offer referrals to others who may be a better fit for your project needs.

The founder

Marta Tanrikulu
Editor and writing consultant