Creative writing

Services and types of manuscripts

Services include manuscript assessment (critiquing), developmental editing, line editing, and copyediting of novels, graphic novels, other works of fiction, memoirs, travel writing, and popular science.

TanMar Editorial works with individual authors, whether they are seeking traditional publishing or self-publishing. The most common target readership is adults or young adults.

In fiction, the genres TanMar Editorial most frequently edits are:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Alternative history
  • Light horror
  • Other speculative fiction
  • Adventure
  • Historical fiction
  • Historical romance
  • Literary fiction

Nonfiction subject areas include:

  • Memoir
  • Travel, culture, pop culture, food, history, and languages
  • Popular health and science

For authors new to book-length fiction or memoir, TanMar Editorial’s recommendation is to start with a manuscript assessment. These are typically in the form of an editorial letter, but depending on author preferences, other developmental editing approaches can be arranged. Related services are developmental editing and coaching for novels or other works in progress.

For copyediting or line editing services, TanMar Editorial will create a custom quote for a requested—or recommended—approach to the manuscript, generally based on word count and a sample edit. Writers whose first language is not English are welcome.

A custom quote can also be prepared for other projects, such as short stories, apps and games, comics and graphic novels, and other works combining text and illustrations, based on a discussion of goals for the work and how editing can best address them.

Contact TanMar Editorial for any project quote.

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